What happened so far in the English Group?

Topics discussed

Hello, this is just a summary of our lively conversations we had in our English Team lately, covering a couple of subjects that we found worth mentioning from our ten or so preceeding meetings.

Well, we met on a regular basis bright and early every other Wednesday morning at 9:00h at one of the participant’s home for a conversational breakfast. Usually we set a topic for every meeting so we have a broad idea about what to expect. However, more often than we intend to, our discussions go off into a totally different direction.  Nobody really cares, though : – ) . That’s proof that we have much more to talk about than we have time to discuss and that our interests and personal opinions on certain topics are strong.. Anyway, we are a bunch of curious and friendly people with exceptionally broad fields of interest. We have a lot of fun during our English mornings and we see time passing much too quickly. During those past meetings we are got to know each other quite well already. It comes as no surprise that the more time you spend with each other, the more comfortable everyone gets to talk about quite personal things as well. (But don’t expect any revelations about our life stories here. We know how to keep secrets.


Anyway, this is a small summary about what filled our agenda recently:

– travel reports on La Gomera, London, Morocco and Antarctica
– Christmas and Easter preparations and how we feel about these major holidays
– how major events in life change your perspective on it
– british banks and their customer service behavior
– how to deal with practical issues like a broken water pipe in your bedroom
– cultural differences between Brits and Americans

We will keep you posted on our next meetings….






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